Meet The Furys | Bios

Jeff Wolfe

Founder, Lead Vocals

Jeff Wolfe emerged from a family driven by music. Mom was an amateur folk singer; Dad was a jazz aficionado.

Everything took form when the family moved to Orange County, California, in 1965. Surfers with long hair replaced crew cuts and seaters. Wolfe embraced all the sounds of the Swingin’ Sixties to The Beatles, The Beach Boys, the mighty Rolling Stones to Bob Dylan, The Yardbirds, The Who, and The Lovin’ Spoonful.

By the mid-70s, popular music was in a bad place. Wolfe and high school pal realized this and embarked on a journey to make their own music without the restrictions of contemporary music. Thus, The Furys were formed.

They opened their own floodgate by releasing the self-produced single “Hey Ma” in 1977 and followed quickly in 1978 with the international sensation “Say Goodbye to the Black Sheep.” Another 7″ record was thrust upon the world in 1979, “Moving Target/We Talk We Dance.”

The fans of The Furys continued to engage, and the fan base kept adding new generations. Jeff has kept the flame alive, creating new collections and music. He has assembled a new lineup: an all-star band from the LA scene and the UK. They are recording new music and touring again. Jeff in partnership with Dave Lewty continue to write new material.

Dave Lewty

Bass, Vocals

Dave Lewty was brought up in Stockport, UK. Moved to the USA in the early 90s. He played bass in a UK band called The Cheaters, which was once voted the hardest-working band in the UK ( think 326 gigs in one year ), leaving them with enough money to be permanently broke. Formed Carnival Of Futility in Los Angeles, a Punk Burlesque-ish band with a banjo, flute, and accordion, amongst other things, now with The Furys. Dave and Jeff have developed a partnership as a prolific songwriting partnership.

Jeff Jourard


Born in Buffalo, NY, Jeff Jourard grew up in Gainesville, Florida, where he picked up the guitar at age 9, soaking up the soulful music culture of the South. He went on to lead the most popular band in town, RGF. Later, he relocated to Los Angeles, where he reconnected with Tom Petty and joined The Tom Petty project. Then, he moved on to found The Motels with Martha Davis. Jeff continues to build his legacy, now as part of The Furys.

Cliff Roman

Guitar, Vocals

Los Angeles native Cliff Roman plays guitar and sings backing vocals for The Furys. Cliff and Jeff Wolfe first met when the Furys opened for Cliff’s band, The Weirdos, at the Whisky in 1978. The Weirdos were one of the first LA punk bands. Cliff lives in the Los Angeles area and is currently a member of The Robot Uprising band out of Ventura County Nardcore scene and his band Roman’s Weirdos. Now, he calls himself a member of The Furys, bringing his guitar as a driving force to the music.

Ray Herron

Drums, Vocals

Ray Herron brings a pedigree of sitting in the chair for many great bands and players. He has also spent time in The Sloths, one of the original Garage Bands of the 60s Los Angeles scene. Before handling the drums for The Furys, Ray played with The Black Tongued Bells, Anti-Product, The Knights of the Living Dead, Jeff Laine, Paul Warren & Explorer, Rick Dufay, The Night, and Kid. Hear him drive the beat in upcoming releases and live gigs.