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The Furys | Interview | Punk Legends The Furys Return With New Album.

The Furys are one of Southern California’s first new wave/punk/power pop bands! The group’s first single was released in 1977 (‘Hey Ma’ b/w ‘Jim Stark Dark’), and 1978’s ‘Say Goodbye to the Black Sheep’ was an international success, garnering extensive airplay, press, and live performances. According to founding member and lead vocalist Jeff Wolfe, “The Furys formed in 1977 as a reaction to the dreadful noise that was on the radio at that time….
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8 out of 10
Read the review of “New Wave Hit Parade” from are pop songs adorned with prominent punk fervor.”

Video Interview: Punk Legends Return With New Singles Compilation 
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Punk Legends The Furys Return With New Singles Compilation “New Wave Hit Parade”
Now the band is back with a new singles collection titled “New Wave Hit Parade” which encompasses all three of the group’s vinyl singles from 1977-1979 as well as The Furys 1987 mini-album “Indoor/Outdoor….
–Skylight Webzine


The Furys interviewed on Big Blend Radio’s podcast
This episode of Big Blend Radio features Jeff Wolfe and Dave Lewty of the legendary punk band The Furys, who have just released a new album “The Furys Again…
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“The Furys Again” review, in Dutch 
Het was 44 jaar geleden in 1977 toen de eerste single “Hey Ma” van de Amerikaanse new wave- en punkformatie ‘The Furys’ uit Zuid-Californië op de markt is verschenen. Deze groep werd door leadzanger Jeff Wolfe opgericht …


An Interview with Jeff Wolfe of The Furys 
Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Punk Rock legend, Jeff Wolfe of The Furys. Among other things, we touch on what he’s been up to during the lockdown, The Furys newest music, his opinion of the music scene today, and what he’s looking forward to the most once COVID-19 breaks…
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Say Goodbye to the Black Sheeps Of Rock! 

1.How did you decide to form the Furys?

I formed the Furys as a reaction to the bland music thatwas on the radio in the US at that time. 1977 was a pivotal year in the early days of punk/new wave bands….

–Skylight Webzine


American rebels mature but refuse to grow up.” 
They talked, they danced, they’re back to their devices once more: American rebels mature but refuse to grow up…
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Punk Legends The Furys Return With New Album “The Furys Again” 
Punk legends The Furys are back with a new album “The Furys Again” which will be released in all formats on October 8, 2021. The Furys are one of Southern California’s first New Wave/Punk/Powerpop bands…
–The British Music Digest